Buchtel is located in Southeast Ohio, in Athens County near Nelsonville.

This website will post information about the village, including its history.

Chad Kister succeeded in getting a wellhead protection plan for the Nelsonville water supply, which is the water supply for the village of Buchtel.

Here is a comparison of the water quality between Nelsonville and Leax water supplies.

Environmental Author Chad Kister lives between Buchtel and Nelsonville, and he owns and manages the Bessemer Hostel, which has preserved the metal tracks from an old coal mine in one of its buildings.

The Bessemer Hostel Offers affordable lodging with great views of the Wayne National Forest.

Chad Kister’s Lake proposal:

I have a perfect place, between my property (4592 Bessemer Rd.;Nelsonville OH 45764) and Route 78 for the Army Corps of Engineers to build a lake, which would massively increase tourism, fishing and recreational opportunities while greatly reducing local flooding.  The area is now a corn field.  I suggest carefully saving the topsoil, then dig a hole more than 200 feet deep, after careful environmental analysis.  A ditch could be run from Monday creek utilizing only foodwaters to fill the lake up.

The lake would also create a critical water reserve for the Nelsonville-Buchtel area.

Revenue from the sand, gravel and fill material would probably pay for the project itself, and some could be given to low income property owners to help those in the most impoverished county in Ohio.

Here are some photos of the Buchtel water trough spring (which was recently renovated), which draw people from a wide area: